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North America

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support
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Holding Tryouts within the next 2-3 Weeks. Looking for all types of players. Only requirements: Discord, Mic and will to learn all heroes. Please fill out this form so i can have some info and i will contact you shortly

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  • Nike1622

      1 year ago

    kolyo1622#2557 im interested to join in with my m8

  • GuardianAce

      1 year ago

    GuardianAce#11538 interested in playing some competitive with some guys... no particular role i like to play, just fill whenever.

  • joshder

      1 year ago

    for anyone interested in tryout out please fill out this form and ill contact you shortly!

  • scrubdoodle

      1 year ago

    im a tank/support/flex i prefer tank/support but am open to play anything that is needed Scrubdoodle#1209

  • Lucid

      1 year ago

    Would DEFINITELY like to try out! I am VERY confident in my skill. Add me with this ID Lucid #11703

  • PurpleJestah

      1 year ago

    I'm interested in trying out. I'm fairly confident in my skills and am willing to learn any hero :D. ID: PurpleJestah#1714

  • QFPro21

      1 year ago

    I'd like to try out as well. I play basically everything but have a few heroes I'm really good at. add me at QFPro#1185

  • quickbeam2

      1 year ago

    I would like to try out as well. quickbeam#11671

  • Overlander

      1 year ago

    I'm willing to tryout. I'm pretty well rounded when it comes to playing different heros. ID is Overlander#11403

  • OneManTerror

      1 year ago

    I would like a tryout Bnet : onemanterror#11333

  • holona

      1 year ago

    I'm interested in joining I am willing to learn any hero just give me an add Nholoa#1152