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Instinct Gaming is a new team looking for competitive , communicative, and enthusiastic players. You must have a mic and a discord. We are here to learn from each other and grow better as a team. We are currently recruiting for the positions listed below. -Tank - Dps / Support If you think you can be one of these roles please fill out this form: Thank you all!

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  • l0l0ui5

      10 months ago

    L0l0ui5#2999 Searching for a team that playxs comp and use their mics. I am mostly playing Tracer on a high level but also play Hanzo/Genji/Phara. My English is pretty good and I am playing alot!

  • Continent

      11 months ago

    Junkrat, Genji, Reinhardt, and Zenyatta. Play Junkrat at a mid-high skill level. I play the others at a mid skill level. Hmu at Continent#11903 if you're interested.

  • AstroCat

      11 months ago

    My user tag is AstroCat#11965. My player post is here Thank you

  • Habits

      11 months ago

    Habits #1304. Very interested, I main DPS as Soldier, Widow, McCree, and Reaper. I also flex as support. Willing to put the time into scrimming and learning new characters and strats. Hit me up if interested

  • TimeBomb

      11 months ago

    TimeBomb#1273 I prefer offensive heroes, but can play some defensive and tank/dps heroes. (Genji/Tracer/McCree/Pharah/Junkrat/Zarya)

  • RagingCrobat

      11 months ago


  • Ben21

      11 months ago

    my application

  • Ben21

      11 months ago

    Hey! I am looking to play on your team. I play tank and offense. My best characters include Soldier 76, Lucio, Roadhog, D.Va, Torbjorn, and Genji. I contacted you on battlenet as well.

  • Cyndercide

      11 months ago

    Cyndercide#1829 I prefer DPS/Support. Best character is Hanzo, then Mercy or Tracer, Mei, Lucio, Soldier, Zarya/Roadhog Wants to practice and improve, play ranked and enter tournaments. Available most nights/evenings. Read profile for more.

  • Octile

      11 months ago

    My profile says a lot about me but I have a pretty big con if you read the part about my PC shipping. Thanks !

  • Aero

      11 months ago

    I play defensive heroes, mainly widow but will have no problem filling any roles you need. Have been played since the beginning of the beta, and have tons of competitive experience in FPS' add me or pm Aero#12310

  • Prismatticus

      11 months ago

    Prismatticus#1264 Play lots of defense and supp heroes Don't like to lose and would love to get into a serious team

  • andyoclock

      11 months ago

    Andyoclock#1406 Offense/Flex Player I'm able to play pretty much at anytime and for countless hours. Would love to tryout and see how far the team can progress! ~ if youre interested in stats

  • Mrmagitwo

      11 months ago

    Mercy/support & tank main. Good with teams. pm if interested.

  • HolyMalice

      11 months ago

    Hey add me @ HolyMalice#1932. Looking for a team to compete in ranked with and practice. Available nights around 11PST, sometimes earlier. Play mostly Offense/Defense characters but I play Zarya and Mercy as well. Top 3 for me: Tracer/Pharah/McCree.

  • Raichu

      11 months ago

    Raichu#1405 I Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Pharah/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Soldier) but I also like to play Zarya/Winston if a tank is necessary. Can support as well (usually L ucio in a Mercy/Lucio comp). I'd love to try out!

  • doom

      11 months ago

    doom#1711 Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Soldier/Mccree/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Tracer) but I also like to play Zarya/Roadhog if a tank is necessary. Can support as well but I'd rather play a damage dealer.