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Looking for some cool guys to start getting into this game competitively. I am looking to practice at least 4 days a week for a few hours. Please be at least 16 years old and in NA. You don't have to be a god, but please be at least a higher skilled player. Having a TS or mumble server is a big plus too. Please fill out the form below and I'll hit you up. Battle Tag: Age: Role/ Most played heroes: Availability(Say timezone too): Experience in other games:

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  • IgnorantSamuel

      1 year ago

    Battle Tag: IgnorantSam#1297 Age:21 Role: Anything but Support Main Character: Reaper, Soilder, Genji, Zenyatta, & Junkrat East Coast Availability: 9pm- 2am Reason why you want to join: Having a chance to win

  • blitzbolt

      1 year ago

    Battle Tag: Blitzbolt#1790 Age: 18 Role/ Most played heroes: DPS, all the heroes that entails Availability(Say timezone too): Almost all day every day, CST Experience in other games: Couple years of CSGO comp exp, was global in mm

  • AstroCat

      1 year ago

    AstroCat#11965. Best heroes: Mei, Torjborn, Dva. Competent as Symmetry & Zenyatta. LFG comp. that is devoted and works well together. I have experience as a strategist for a CS team. PST 16 player post: Thank you

  • Frosty

      1 year ago

    Frosty#1436 15 Junkrat,Reinhardt, Lucio, Hanzo. Tracer if needed Mornings(12PM-5:00PM) Afternoons(6:00PM-whenever I feel like sleeping(around 2-3 AM)Central Time Zone I played a lot of TF2(about 200-300 hours) and competitive CoD for 4 years.

  • Prismatticus

      1 year ago

    Prismatticus#1264 19 Lots of supp and defense heroes. Mercy, Torbjorn and Junkrat

  • koogler

      1 year ago

    koogler#11917 21 tank flex: winston/roadhog/mccree/widow (learning zarya) hit d4 on league of legends, 14 rws on esea the last time i subbed already dropped you a line on your player post, lemme know whats good bruh

  • holona

      1 year ago

    Nholoa#1152 17 Mcree, Genji, Junkrat I'm in pst timezone, I can usually play 4pm-7pm and on weekends 8pm-12am mostly come from a league of legends, highest rank was plat 2 and have played league for about 5 years

  • doom

      1 year ago

    doom#1711 Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Soldier/Mccree/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Tracer) but I also like to play Zarya/Roadhog if a tank is necessary. Can support as well but I'd rather play a damage dealer.