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A team run by me, SilverPuddin, I'm looking to get a good team of people together. Prefer team players with a strategic mind over tryhards with mlg twitch aim, though that would be nice too ;p OK Flexible player > Above average at one character 3 spots open Current players Mistress Main-heal Equal Off-support/Flex PyroKoqt Sniper/Dps |Open| Dps |Open| "Pocket" Tank SilverPuddin "Roaming" Tank/Flex

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  • VermillionZY

      1 year ago

    yo, ill join, i play a mean junkrat, mei, pharah, winston, and genji, i also have a friend who mains tanks

  • BouncyBear

      1 year ago

    Hit me up, I am an experienced early beta tester and been playing for a while. I can play Bastion, Reaper, Soldier, McCree, Hanzo, and Pharah! I can be a pretty mean overall DPS BouncyBear#12858

  • Ink

      1 year ago

    Primarily a support player here, just thought I'd drop a comment since I seem to fit the description of what you're looking for. I'm also comfortable playing most tanks, as well as shot-calling. Let me know if you want to try a couple games.

  • AstroCat

      1 year ago

    AstroCat#11965. Best heroes: Mei, Torjborn, Dva. Competent as Symmetry & Zenyatta. LFG comp. that is devoted and works well together. I have experience as a strategist for a CS team. PST player post: Thank you

  • OneManTerror

      1 year ago

    Onemanterror#11333 hook me up for a tryout thank you.

  • andyoclock

      1 year ago

    Andyoclock#1406 Offense/Flex Player I'm able to play pretty much at anytime and for countless hours. Would love to tryout and see how far the team can progress! ~ if youre interested in stats

  • Gorilla

      1 year ago

    i could play your offense/attack role as i mostly play genji or tracer....i could also play support

  • atyCari

      1 year ago

    [atyCari#1816] I play mostly support, but I can play Junkrat or Soldier:76.

  • doom

      1 year ago

    doom#1711 Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Soldier/Mccree/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Tracer) but I also like to play Zarya/Roadhog if a tank is necessary. Can support as well but I'd rather play a damage dealer.

  • Mrmagitwo

      1 year ago

    I'm flexible with a wide variety of characters in each category, with a focus on Mercy and Mei.

  • pyrokoqt

      1 year ago

    Widow/McCree/Soilder/Mercy player here

  • Theller

      1 year ago

    I can play anyhting Mostly focus on atk/def but can play all heros

  • Uptownsage

      1 year ago

    I have Scrim and tournament experience playing Lucio Symmetra and Mercy. I have spent ~150 hours in Overwatch, and 500 hours of competitive CS. Add me at Uptownsage#1113 for any questions/tryouts.

  • Shaakti

      1 year ago

    I play mainly as Mercy, backup as Soldier and Lucio. Don't really care about my personal stats, just like winning as a team.

  • yellowMackintosh

      1 year ago

    I'd like to join, probably playing as Junkrat, Torbjorn, Zarya, Reaper, Reinhardt, or D.Va

  • TheEnchilada

      1 year ago

    I'd gladly play as, Winston, Zarya, rein, mercy and lucio!