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It's been a goal of mine for sometime to create a new gaming organization. Now that Overwatch has launched it seems like the perfect time. I am looking to create a competitive team first and foremost, but will also be looking at starting a streaming team at some point in the near future as well. Starting today, I am going to conduct open tryouts for any interested parties that fit our player requirements. Tryouts are going to be fairly relaxed, and will consist of playing 3-5 normal queue games with a premade group *Don't stress out if your not playing well in these games, just let me know and we can arrange something*. What am I looking for in Players: -Calm and analytical mindset regarding Overwatch (Example, if you are being destroyed by a team with two winstons, do you cry about hero limits and winstons power, or do you call for a swap to reaper?) -Have a main role, but you'll play whatever the team needs to suceed. -Have a somewhat reliable schedule that grants a decent portion of time for practice -You have a mic, and you don't rant in games about balance. Nothing more frustrating then somebody cutting you off to air their frustrations about Mei. Save that kind of stuff for in-between games. -Ages 18+....Exceptions may be made for overly qualified players. If you fit all of this criteria and are looking to pursue Overwatch in a competitive manner, you should get in contact with me.

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  • Kegadin

      1 year ago

    Kegadin#11496 I play support.

  • Overlander

      1 year ago

    My specialty is offense but I can also play tanks and support heros well. I have a little bit of competitive gaming experience as I've done leagues/tournaments in CS:GO and Rocket League. Available too play most nights. Overlander#11403

  • Cab8ts

      1 year ago

    Cab8ts#1699 - Lucio main with around ~75 hours played during betas. Ex CS:GO player (Got to SMFC, played ESEA for months) I love FPS games and i'm extremely competitive, would love to join a team :) I'm available whenever, just send me a message.

  • Billbroston

      1 year ago

    Billbroston#1273 Age: 18 (19 in august) Role: Support and tank. Favorite characters are Lucio, Mercy, Reinhardt and Roadhog. Experience: Played tf2 for around 1,200 hours and played several season of steel and silver 6s.

  • andyoclock

      1 year ago

    Andyoclock#1406 Offense/Flex Player I'm able to play pretty much at anytime and for countless hours. Would love to tryout and see how far the team can progress! http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Andyoclock-1406 ~ if youre interested in stats

  • trapdoor

      1 year ago

    VagranTDV#1549 Mostly play Junkrat, Genji, and Mei but can play mostly anything. High competitive WoW experience. Multiple HOTA and glad.

  • mooimafish3

      1 year ago

    Battle Tag: mooimafish3#1352 Age: 17 (18 in about 20 days) Role: Willing to play anything but tank. Most played are Pharah, Soldier, Widow, Lucio. Experience: Played CS:GO at a high level on a competitive team.

  • DandyinSpace

      1 year ago

    DandyinSpace#1863 Support main, primarily Lucio, but my Mercy is also good. I can also flex to Soldier 76 and Reaper. I don't have a lot of competitive FPS experience, but I've been playing Super Smash Bros Melee competitively for over 3 years.