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Looking for players who want to play ranked queues. I am a commentator and not looking to play in tournaments. Searching for players who are knowledgeable, have a solid amount of experience, and are open to criticism. Though this is for fun, I still enjoy a competitive environment and competing to win.

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  • Pwnage

      9 months ago

    Pwnage 49 seconds ago Delete Comment Level 124 Rank 2850 I main Roadhog, Soldier, Mcree Previous Team experience pwnage#11255

  • AstroCat

      1 year ago

    AstroCat#11965. Best heroes: Mei, Torjborn, Dva. Competent as Symmetry & Zenyatta. LFG comp. that is devoted and works well together. I have experience as a strategist for a CS team. PST player post: Thank you

  • Dawn

      1 year ago

    Looking for the same thing, more interested in ranked than tournaments and casual play if the group wants, but mainly ranked. Main Off Tank/Support and Flex DPS Lucio/Zarya/Winston/Zen are my mains, Flex to majority of the DPS.

  • Mastello

      1 year ago

    Mastello#11170 Main Mercy/Lucio as well as Reinhardt. If you have any other questions feel free to add me.

  • deeg

      1 year ago

    deeg#11932 - Skilled player looking to enjoy the team game with other growth-minded players nights/weekends PST. I recognize you from your GW2 ESL casts & look forward to hearing from you.

  • ticktokk

      1 year ago

    ticktokk#1141 skilled player looking for ranked team to que with i like to stream sometimes hope thats not an issue