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The team is almost complete but we are still looking for a support and/or fill, are you the guy? Send me a message or write a comment! We are looking for dutch players, Also you must have Teamspeak. This is our site:

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Poulet has not set up his/her profile.


Poulet has not set up his/her profile.

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  • princiska

      1 year ago

    I don't know if i'm too late, but here i go. I play mainly support and second tank. AKA lucio, mercy, zenyatta (still learning ana) and, roadhog, zarya. I'm dying to play in a team. Ik ben Nederlands. Battletag: TinyManiac#2115

  • Skimix

      1 year ago

    Mercy main - above average mercy player you can add me on #Skimix#21637 Got all means of communicate and dedication, available at all times.

  • Reggustar

      1 year ago

    Belgian player, but i talk dutch too :) bnet: reggustar#2335

  • GimseBoy

      1 year ago

    add me GimseBoy#21589

  • Blijebobo

      1 year ago

    I am a rank 69 Support and I also have a mate that is rank 71 dps. Also me and my mate are both Nederlands jongeh! Blijebobo#2214

  • BouncyBear

      1 year ago

    Hit me up, I am an experienced early beta tester and been playing for a while. I can play Bastion, Reaper, Soldier, McCree, Hanzo, and Pharah BouncyBear#12858

  • Barsonik

      1 year ago

    I'd be interested in join. I normally play pharah, hanzo, soldier 76 and sometimes genji. Barsonik#2549

  • Cannedca

      1 year ago

    I would like to join the group, I find I am best with Junkrat but would happily play most offensive heroes, bastion and Widowmaker. Any other heroes I am sure I can adapt to if needed.

  • DarkBlade

      1 year ago

    I sent u message to add u I amk nice with REAPER and soldier 76 am lvl8 I am in india so I could play with u guys when its noon in England

  • justBaltic

      1 year ago

    I'd be interested to play with you, if you're interested just read my profile and add me: justBaltic#2114