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Hi! My name is Asaki and I'am a member of the PhantomThieves, we're are a small group of friends and yes we do play ranked and sometimes competitively but we mostly have fun and just mess around! We currently have 17 members and wish to have more people to spend time with! We don't care on your level or skill as long as you're a nice person with a nice personality we won't care! If you have any questions or would wish to join please message me on my PSN: Wiess-Rose or contact me on my Kik: Kirito_Rose Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this! thank you and please consider joining our group!! <3

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Comments 25

  • DextrorseOwl

      2 weeks ago

    My PSN is DextrorseOwl333 I'm a Bastion Main and can play Reinhardt SR is 1345 but I'm silver I've had bad luck with solo queuing I'm flexible but am best with tanks and DPS I'm looking for a team I can climb the ladder with

  • Rexland

      2 weeks ago

    Hi! Let me know if you are interested! PSN: NIK_FAX Sr: 1585 or so Ranked: Silver I am a flex player looking for a serious team to climb the ladder with.

  • Truth48Z

      2 weeks ago

    My psn is Truth48Z and I can play hanzo,mercy,Lucio, and roadhog.

  • Allanah01

      3 weeks ago

    My PSN is Allanah01, I'm a mercy main but can flex let me know if I can join

  • StinsMatt

      4 weeks ago

    Hi my psn is stinsmatt I main junkrat lucio and road hog. Hmu if i can join

  • UuuhLouis

      1 month ago

    Hi I am a tracer player my psn is HecTic_67_ add me ifyou wanna talk


      1 month ago

    Hey im an ANA main and Soldier. Add up! FRASS_KNIGHT

  • Kahlllee

      1 month ago

    Hi. I'm a Sombra main if that's ok. My user is Kahllee

  • GamingBro112

      1 month ago


  • PrestonALewis

      1 month ago

    Rank? Looking to play some comp.

  • Aragon513

      1 month ago

    Hi what rank do you have to be

  • IsThatOasis

      2 months ago

    what rank im 3145 (low diamond)

  • Imstrength

      2 months ago

    im looking for a group, i main soldier 76. i play a mean reinhardt and i can do bastion hanzo and mercy effectively aswell. im well rounded and in need of a serious team

  • EndermanG44

      2 months ago

    Hi I'm looking to join a group I play late afternoons evenings weekdays and weekends I main genji Hanzo and Reinhardt message me on my pan Tariqskywalker2

  • xlblairlx

      4 months ago

    xlblairlx looking to join a group i play late nights and weekends, est main ana,zen zarya mercy, can dps looking fro comp team atm 2500

  • MercyMarsss

      4 months ago

    Add my psn: mercymarz

  • Bigbadbells88

      4 months ago

    Add me my psn is bigbadbells88 looking for a comp group cheers

  • Dermurus

      8 months ago

    I'd love to join, been looking for a chill group and I can play just about anyone so you know it would be a fun time. My PSN is Dermurus. I'd like to hear from you guys

  • Fresku024

      9 months ago

    I loved to join your crew i'm an allround player PSN : Fresku024

  • Hamzmatic

      9 months ago

    I don't mind joining if you have space mostly play genji or reaper

  • Alecdross

      9 months ago

    I main Mercy and have started using Soldier a lot. I'll join if you'll have me! I'm pretty new and haven't quite started comp yet (halfway from 24 to 25). Message me if you'd like.

  • Omega030

      9 months ago

    If you want , i van enter, just talk with me by the PS4

  • Boyhood92

      10 months ago

    I am interested to join Psn boyhood92

  • clbrownson21

      10 months ago

    I'm intrested in joining

  • Lawless33

      1 year ago

    I main Bastion, and would like to play. PSN - Lawless33