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Hi! My name is Asaki and I'am a member of the Late Night Crew, we're are a small group of friends and yes we do play ranked and sometimes competitively but we mostly have fun and just mess around! We currently have 5 members and wish to have more people to spend time with! We don't care on your level or skill as long as you're a nice person with a nice personality we won't care! If you have any questions or would wish to join please message me on my PSN: Wiess-Rose or contact me on my twitter @ShintaroShuuya Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this! thank you and please consider joining our group!! <3

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Comments 8

  • Dermurus

      1 month ago

    I'd love to join, been looking for a chill group and I can play just about anyone so you know it would be a fun time. My PSN is Dermurus. I'd like to hear from you guys

  • Fresku024

      3 months ago

    I loved to join your crew i'm an allround player PSN : Fresku024

  • Hamzmatic

      3 months ago   Player Post

    I don't mind joining if you have space mostly play genji or reaper

  • Alecdross

      3 months ago

    I main Mercy and have started using Soldier a lot. I'll join if you'll have me! I'm pretty new and haven't quite started comp yet (halfway from 24 to 25). Message me if you'd like.

  • Omega030

      3 months ago   Player Post   Team Post

    If you want , i van enter, just talk with me by the PS4

  • Boyhood92

      3 months ago

    I am interested to join Psn boyhood92

  • clbrownson21

      4 months ago   Player Post   Team Post

    I'm intrested in joining

  • Lawless33

      5 months ago   Player Post

    I main Bastion, and would like to play. PSN - Lawless33