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Looking for other players in PH or in ASEAN region to play competitive ranked matches. Leave me a message so we can talk. I main as a tank and support (Reinhardt, Mercy, Lucio, Winston, etc) Any roles accepted as long as you can dedicate time to practice once ranked play rolls out. Practice is usually at 12mn SGT onwards and Weekdays.

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pawntifex has not set up his/her profile.

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  • Vexcenot

      7 months ago

    Hi I am from Philippines. I can main Reaper and can also play Mercy. CC69#11418

  • Dreii

      10 months ago

    Hello I live in the Philippines. I main all tanks, and I also play Lucio. I can play all day all night on weekends. Add me or PM me if we can play. Dreii#11701

  • Sloth76

      11 months ago

    Hey, I'm from Thailand and looking for a team to play with. I play all roles but main Genji, Mercy, D.Va and sometimes Tracer. I normally just go by Sloth but here's my id DMightySloth#1821

  • Proviction

      1 year ago

    Begginer here but very familiar with the basics like staying in the square and payload. I got 4Hrs on Mei, 3Hrs on D.Va and 1Hr oion Lucio, RoadHog and Soldier 76. Send me an invite. Proviction#1839

  • Destiny

      1 year ago

    I play mostly as Reaper and Pharah, as well as Tracer or Zenyatta when needed. My battle tag is Destiny#12184. I have sent a longer message directly to you if you will.

  • pawntifex

      1 year ago

    Hi philipooi94! I left you a message.

  • philipooi94

      1 year ago

    Hi, I'm from Malaysia, would love to play together. Heroes I'm good at are Tracer, Genji, 76, Widow. Others I can play pretty well are Roadhog, Mercy, Bastion.