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We are looking for people who like to play on a regular basis, we will mostly be looking at simply improving our play within a team on the current ranked season however we may progress to organised events if we feel the team is strong enough. We are looking for players 17+ who speak English. We currently have a healer main who also doubles up as a flex player and I myself am a DPS main, however I am also competent at other characters. we are looking for 2 tank mains, a healer and preferably DPS who can flex into tank roles. Our team is rated around a 3000 average so please consider this before applying thank you. UPDATE: we have filled both tank roles and the DPS we now only require a support, thank you to all how have responded. Current line up as it stands: Hammy (Offense/flex), Zab (Offense/flex), SpoonFed (Support/Tank), Skopski (Tank), Sn0w (Tank).

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  • Frozen

      1 day ago   Player Post

    Hello, I would like to join as a Tank. Check my profile!


      3 days ago   Player Post

    Hi there, I am an Ana main, 80 hours played, very calm and collected to play with :) Please give me a shout if I'm suitable. Thanks!

  • iiEclipse

      3 days ago   Player Post

    Hey - i'm a Lucio / Genji main and would be looking to play with you guys. I can also flex other supports and am playing comp at around 2600 - 2800. Sadly, i'm 14 but i think i would be good enough to play with you guys. Hope you can play w me!

  • Kiqit

      5 days ago

    Hi im a quite good lucio and i would really want a team to rank up and just play for fun whit

  • Skopski

      5 days ago

    Hry there im a 24 year old macedonia who mains tanks I have over 100h played on rien and can play the other tanks I can play some dps too and at 3030 rating atm season high 3090