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We are a team looking at improving our ranks in the current competitive season as well as scrimmaging with other teams and possibly participating in small organised events. Currently we are a 5 man with a mixture of DPS, Tanks and Supports already covered. We are looking for a flexible player for the more meta heroes. Please note that we want a FLEX player consult the wanted heroes before applying and bare in mind that we are centered around 3000 SR. Also note that the Rein is one of the most needed characters on the list. Age 17+ with exceptions

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  • kr4zy

      5 months ago

    well i am a flex i can play a really good zaray road and 76

  • SinXzerO

      6 months ago

    im looking for a team to join, im rank 2700+ or so. i mostly dps/tank but is able to play all hero but hanzo/genji/reinhardt let me know if you need another member sinxzero#2834

  • Willhelm

      6 months ago

    Main healer) added you

  • Elyzium

      6 months ago

    Heya. Check my profile. I would be interested in your Team, as I main Reinhardt. Cheers. :)

  • FrostBite

      7 months ago

    Heya,are you still looking for a flex ? I am a main Reinhardt player able to play most heroes at a competitive-worthy level,I am 16 years old.I have added you on as FrostBite

  • SuperNinja

      7 months ago

    hello i am 18 looking to play competitive i main roadhog but can flex a few others as well.

  • EJ2K0

      7 months ago

    Hi i am 16 From England and i am looking for a team/ friends to play serious and climb up in SR with Me, mostly play mccree, 76, phara and hog can play others tho if needed

  • Pipsura

      7 months ago

    Hello, I am a 16 y/o ranked around 3300. I am a very flexible player, being able to play nearly any hero needed, be it junkrat or zenyatta.

  • xFruittwist

      7 months ago

    if your looking to do competitive message me need all roles apart form healer

  • xFruittwist

      7 months ago

    hi im looking for a tea who arnt completely brain dead and that will keep lowering my rank, i mainly play lucio, reinhardt and junkrat but i can play pretty much all heroes

  • B4NDIT

      7 months ago

    Hi, I am a flex and I play Zarya, Reinhardt, Ana and Mei. 3000 ish SR

  • Frozen

      8 months ago

    Hello, I would like to join as a Tank. Check my profile!


      8 months ago

    Hi there, I am an Ana main, 80 hours played, very calm and collected to play with :) Please give me a shout if I'm suitable. Thanks!

  • iiEclipse

      8 months ago

    Hey - i'm a Lucio / Genji main and would be looking to play with you guys. I can also flex other supports and am playing comp at around 2600 - 2800. Sadly, i'm 14 but i think i would be good enough to play with you guys. Hope you can play w me!

  • Kiqit

      8 months ago

    Hi im a quite good lucio and i would really want a team to rank up and just play for fun whit

  • Skopski

      8 months ago

    Hry there im a 24 year old macedonia who mains tanks I have over 100h played on rien and can play the other tanks I can play some dps too and at 3030 rating atm season high 3090