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Competitive Overwatch Discussion Group Accepting applicants of all skill sets! The purpose of this group is to discuss competitive strategies, upcoming/recent updates, and anything pertaining to the Overwatch competitive scene. Group matches will be facilitated by administrative members, but most likely will only occur bi-weekly, and are not a requirement for membership. Members are encouraged to join other teams, and play matches with others they meet in the chatroom. Think of CODG as the /r/CompetitiveOverwatch, but more personal, it happens in real time, and you can queue up with the people you meet here! Requirements are as follows; MUST have Discord account. Discord will be the group's primary mode of communication. You can install discord for free @ discordapp.com MUST have a competitive mindset with good communication skills. The team will discuss and develop new and widely accepted strategies. MUST not be a dick.

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  • IgnorantSamuel

      1 year ago

    Battle Tag: IgnorantSam#1297 Age:21 Role: Anything but Support Main Character: Reaper, Soilder, Genji, Zenyatta, & Junkrat East Coast Availability: 9pm- 2am Reason why you want to join: Having a chance to win

  • AstroCat

      1 year ago

    AstroCat#11965. Best heroes: Mei, Torjborn, Dva. Competent as Symmetry & Zenyatta. LFG comp. that is devoted and works well together. I have experience as a strategist for a CS team. PST player post: http://findoverwatch.com/player/486 Thank you

  • Malcolm

      1 year ago

    malcolm#1537 Play mostly Mercy but have recently been expanding to other roles. Decent to good Mercy, Symettra, Lucio, Junkrat, and Winston. Played a ton on xbox just switched over to PC

  • atyCari

      1 year ago

    [atyCari#1816] I play mostly support, but I can play Junkrat or Soldier:76.

  • doom

      1 year ago

    doom#1711 Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Soldier/Mccree/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Tracer) but I also like to play Zarya/Roadhog if a tank is necessary. Can support as well but I'd rather play a damage dealer.

  • pyrokoqt

      1 year ago

    Pyroko#1784, Mostly Widow/Primary DPS but can do support

  • yungpabo

      1 year ago

    I am a flex player who can play RoadHog. Hanzo, 76 , Pharah, and any support. Add me Nigaflow#1169.