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POWERHAUS Gaming is a newly formed organization with over 30 years of experience in our leadership team. We are a multi-gaming organization with a large Overwatch division and always looking for more members to join. We are 'all inclusive', even as it relates to your skill level or play focus: ranked, competitive, casual, it doesn't matter. We have a functional and well organized website/forums and discord channel for our members to utilize. If you'd like to learn more, please visit us at www.powerhaus.gg or drop into our Discord at discord.powerhaus.gg . Don't hesitate to chat with our Overwatch Division Lead @eCentral or any one of our Admins or Officers. We look forward to gaming with you!

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  • Confide

      2 months ago

    BattleTag: Confide#11897 Discord: Confide#2415 Sr: Season high of 4100 in season 6 Heros: Ana, Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta, Zarya

  • martinng

      2 months ago

    Im a Malaysian. I main Widowmaker and mainly play dps/defence. My battletag is Varinn#1263

  • russel

      4 months ago

    BatteTag: Russel#12590 Discord: russel#0153 Sr: 3200 (Season High) 3150 (Current) Heros: Zarya Winston Tracer Sombra

  • illegitimate

      4 months ago

    Rein/Winston/Dva SR:3383. was top 500 on ps4 and played/captained one of the biggest console teams before coming to pc a few months ago. Been on 1 team since

  • minionthepyrotf2

      4 months ago

    I'm gonna be in gold or plat after s6 placements. I'm a tank main (Dva is my best one) but I can also flex to Ana and Mercy.

  • BouncyCloth

      5 months ago

    BouncyCloth#1152 I am Canadian and dislike gengi mains. I am a winston main.

  • Cramjc1219

      6 months ago

    KJenn#11852 I main support heroes, D.Va and soldier.

  • DimondNinjaX55

      6 months ago

    DragonSlayer#12228my mains mcree genji widow bastion junkrat hanzo reinhardt

  • Nyquist

      6 months ago

    Greetings! I main McCree Soldier Sombra & Lucio Mostly all around flex player. I am level 54 but have no prior comp experience, as I have been looking for a team.

  • SnapXtra

      6 months ago

    SnapXtra#11327 Main support, and a filler acceptable skills but not acceptable rank. We can try several games together first if you want

  • Ahksis

      7 months ago

    I am a platinum player that mains both Lucio and Mercy.

  • Ulramar

      7 months ago

    I am a tank player, but can fill any role to an acceptable degree. I finished season 4 at mid diamond. Ulramar#1797

  • Bravoskyline

      8 months ago

    hi I'm a Hanzo,Mcree,Soldiar main but I can also play rien Skyline#12224

  • AUAsmash

      9 months ago

    hi, I'm a Ana and Mercy main, i can also play tanks. Smash#11677

  • FallingFandoms

      9 months ago

    Hey Ana main but I play all supports somewhat frequently FallingFan#1337

  • MuzzleFlash86

      9 months ago

    if u will add MuzleFlash86 and I will get in were I fit in lol

  • Quintimus

      9 months ago

    hi im almost diamond and looking for a team Quintimus#2258

  • CosmicZeroX

      10 months ago

    Hey I was wondering if I can join your group. I was in platinum before, but I keep solo queuing and it keeps going down. Battle tag is CosmicZeroX#1217