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PlayStation 4 Turkey

You should know English or Turkish to join our team. Anyone who has sr higher than 1800.
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for a great clan and community? Her at Team SuperNova, we look to bring together like-minded players together to improve on skill, communication, and teamwork. Message me, DeathlyShadows22 on ...
PlayStation 4 United States

Im gonna brief this down for y’all, Calamity is team that is giving gamers that don’t get that opportunity to be on a professional team, we have a popular twitter page and we’re on discord and w...
PlayStation 4 Antarctica

PlayStation 4 Germany
PlayStation 4 United States

We are a Gold/Platinum team consisting of 3 members already: Mercy, Pharah, Winston/Mei. Seeking non-toxic players/members. Not a very strict team, very fun, supportive, flexible, and willing to lea...
PlayStation 4 United States

Hi! My name is Asaki and I'am a member of the PhantomThieves, we're are a small group of friends and yes we do play ranked and sometimes competitively but we mostly have fun and just mess around! We c...
PlayStation 4 United States

(ps4) (competive) (platiunum) (ps4 name simpa0303) (13+ years old needed at least) (We are playing with th brittish time zone so need to play about three hours sooner if you for exampel lives in us if...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Play/diamond team looking for 4 people. We have a team made but are in need of subs and a support main. Dm me on discord Murrr#1821 or on PSN MURRR15.
PlayStation 4 Poland

PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

we're a PS4 based team and we need people to join our team anyone from any rank can join we help get your sr up and we'd love for you guys to join my online name is tayls_mc7 please add me and contact...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

We are an Overwatch team looking for Diamond and Master players on EU PS4 who are willing scrim as much as possible. In the scrims we are looking to improve our gameplay on heroes and our team work. Y...
PlayStation 4 United States

We are looking for Overwatch players who want to play Competitive. Right now we need players near 2200 SR, and who has good skills. We would like to become the best team in Overwatch, and hope that yo...
PlayStation 4 Sweden

Hello IF you fel missplaced in gold or silver come join us! I wanna get a team that wants to improve. IM gold en bur IM high Diamond and Liw master on console IM just trying to learn the art or PC. NO...
PlayStation 4 United States

Trying to make a full six stack team on PS4. Whether it be scrims or climbing on its own I want to make the change from solo queuing to actually improving and playing with a coordinated team. I live...
PlayStation 4 United States

Hi, we are a new team looking for members especially casual players or if you just want to have fun, we also do comp but mostly in low ranks, so If you want to have a good time join! for more info ...
PlayStation 4 Italy

Cerco player per competitive
PlayStation 4 United States

Are you playing Overwatch competitive on PS4? Tired of playing Solo Queue in competitive? Is your SR dropping down because of tilt? Are you currently stuck in a low rank and you want to get out? Then ...