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LFT - Versatile player looking for a mature and good team for Competitive Play. I can speak english and french.

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21 years old frenchy guy, only decent english speaking. Mature and needs a nice and competitive atmosphere to give his best, liking good laughs too. Currently student, can play a few hours a day at least. Looking for a good team to achieve good results in the online competitive scene, or good friends to group up for Competitive Play/QP. Play all roles, very versatile - still need few heroes left to train, though. I'm fine sticking with only one role if I need to, anyway. My aim is decent, but not the best; what I'm best at is the decision making and quick reflexes. I use my intuition a lot and try to innovate. I usually always tries various stuff to test the how things work out and their boundaries - if I failed, I learnt (usually!). Good rig and gear, but Sensei grip doesn't fit me so much, and QcK feel too small for me - planning to fix if things work well! 900 CPI, 7 IG (would use 5 or 6 if big enough mousepad), 6/11 Windows, no accel


6k+ hours in various team-oriented FPS No experience in serious competitive team and little experience in voice communication. Been playing video games since AoE2 at 5 years old, I since liked strategy games - but what gives me most fun are FPS. I like the intense feeling it has and so I played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (WWII team game with classes) a lot in my early teen years, only for fun (Jaymod). I then played a lot of Crysis's MP (sci-fi Battlefield) and various Battlefield's: BF2, BF2142 (along with ET: Quake Wars), BFP4F and BF3 - all for fun. Some BFP4F videos, I wasn't playing that much when I recorded them:

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