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Looking for any amount of players (be aware I am in EST.), or a team, Either or is perfectly fine with me. Im on all times of the day since im off college for the summer, but will start up again in Au...

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Sup guys, My names Daniel or Aero from Cali now living in Florida. 19 year old college student. Super chill for the most part. I own a discord server, so if you need a means of communication PM me and ill give you a link and add you under the "Guest" tab. My IRL friends are normally chillin in there. We all play overwatch for the most part and they're genuinely chill as well. Normally play games for the competitive aspect of things, since most of my time gaming i've spent on teams and playing competitively. Tend to play casually when im playing with IRL friends


Played this game in the last month of beta thanks to a friend of mine who was able to snag 2 keys for myself and our other friend.

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