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[EU] [PC] 3400+ Peak Old support main returning to OW after 2 years as Flex, (MT/OT/FlexSupport/MainSupport/Dps CURRENTLY I DONT KNOW WHAT ROLE TO KEEP AS MAIN ROLE, SO IM OPEN FOR ANY ROLE REQUEST...

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Who are you ? My name is Toni Where are you from? Finland Why do you like the game ? its competitive side intrests me alot What are you looking for ? team who is willing to practice in mature atmosphere Do you have other priorities i have wife and daughter


I started overwatch during s4 peaked 3480 in past currently 2.6k-2.9k all roles, dont have main currently due the fact that i have been away for 2 years or so i have scrim exp in rainbow six siege and in total of 2500 hours of fps games in past

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