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Hey everyone! I'm looking for people to play casually with. I play for fun, but I'll do my best to make us win. No rage, no saltiness. Only fun, nice moves and music therapy! I play mostly support. I...

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Hey! I'm a nice french player who plays mostly for fun. I do my best to win, but I will never get salty if I lose or if my teammates are bad (all hail matchmaking!). I play Overwatch because it's fast, dynamic and you can play many different roles. I am looking to players to play casually with. I don't play very often, because of my work, but I'm available the friday evening and the week-ends.


I own the game since its release, but I'm not a hardcore gamer anymore, and I don't have the time to play every day. So, I'm not very high level (32 at the moment), but I think I play well. I have never been in a team, and I don't aim to change it. I am not a pro gamer, and I don't play competitively. I play for the win, but I won't spend 8 hours a day to be better. I have played Team Fortress 2, but it was long ago

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