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im currently sitting at 4124 SR. id like to team up with players of a similar SR range but available to all teams. I main Ana, Mercy, Tracer, Soldier76, yes i have mic. Yes im free practically 24/7 ...
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Looking to form a Semi Pro PC team that consists of Diamond through low Master players. Currently have 3 players and looking to bring in an additional 6 players into our ranks (3 Starters and 3 Rotati...

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Xbox One Gamertag: Allden 09 season 1 competitive rank: 50 season 2 competitive rank: Diamond season 3 competitive rank: GrandMaster season 4 competitive rank: GrandMaster Looking for a solid team to help me reach top 500. 75th best console Mercy season 2. 97th best Soldier 76 season 2. I typically play Ana, Mercy, Tracer, Soldier 76 Currently at 4124 SR pushing Top 500 NA


Ive clocked 500 hours total across competitive and quick play on 5 accounts. Competitive Rank: GrandMaster Level 430 OVR

Allden 09
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