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I'm looking for a team, preferably one where I can lend my extensive csgo knowledge and strategy (5+ years worth ending at the rank of global elite) and where I can learn a few things to. In terms of ...
PC/ United States

****Despite the comments below, we are still looking for new players**** Hi, my name is Anubis a former counter strike global elite, and me and three other of my friends are making an overwatch tea...

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I've been playing video games for awhile now(around 7 years), and have been in and out of the csgo pro scene. I picked up overwatch as a sort of release from that life, and have since become obsessed. Hence, I want to get into the competitive scene early. As a U.S based gamer, I hope to join a team where I can utilize my 5+ years of counter strike experience and maybe learn a few things along the way.


I have owned overwatch since its release and have played during both the open and closed beta(achieving level 96 before it ended). I have been in the fps scene for 5 years in which I played a ton of csgo(achieving the rank of global elite in ranked play and winning a few small for tornaments with my team) competitively and got to the rank of diamond on Faceit. In terms of overwatch knowledge, I feel I know a fair amount due to my studying of pro gameplay and my own to try and develop strategies and counter strategies for any situtuation (as well as class counters). Although I don't believe in mains for a game like overwatch, I do play a lot of widowmaker(post nerf) and tracer, with stints as Solider 76, D.VA, Mercy, Reaper, and Hanzo.

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