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Looking to join a group of players or form a team in preparation for ranked/competitive. I explain everything pretty well in my profile, feel free to add me if you want to play. Mic preferred, discord...

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Columbus, Ohio I pretty much live off of It's Always Sunny reruns and I have an incredibly dark sense of humor. However, as far as the game goes... Competitive gamer, looking for quick matches until ranked releases, still looking for a team.


Been playing the game since launch and a little bit of the beta. I've been playing FPS games since Unreal Tournament 2004, lately it's been a focus on Call of Duty and Battlefield, but with the release of Doom and Overwatch I've shifted directly to Overwatch. I primarily play Offense/Defense, can do Tank and Support (anything but Mercy, I can't get my game sense right to be decent with her, I've had better luck as Zenyatta, but I'm decent with Lucio) Mains are pretty much as follows Tracer Zarya Widowmaker Soldier 76 Mei McCree Hanzo I'm pretty bad at Genji, I play pretty low sensitivity so I've yet to adjust for him. I absolutely don't mind being out of my comfort zone for quick plays and to an extent scrims, I'll go for whatever the team comp needs.

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