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I am 16 years old, from Israel, looking to go pro


My name is Arglex, I main sniper, in practically Hanzo, though my Widow is good, can also flex and go some of the offensive (Pharah, Tracer, McCree, Genji) , been in a team till now so I have experience + was challenger in League in a big team and shot called so I can shot call pretty nicely. I am looking for a high level team that wants to go pro and practices everyday (or at least almost everyday), available most time in the day and barely sleeps so in the nights as well (GMT +2). So why should you pick me? I am a good Widow which even after the nerfs still very strong I can flex to 3 (soon 4) offense heros In my opinion, Blizzard is very close to making Hanzo become part of the meta. Teams will opt to search for good Hanzos which is hard to find and as I said before, I main Hanzo. I play at least 8 hours a day, useally 10. However, Summer break is here and I'm able to play even more. I have scrim experience I have competetive experince I can shot call

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