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Hello! My name is Asaki and I am currently starting a group called ThePhantomThieves...We're really not in Ranked plays and stuff like that, we're mostly a comedy and calm group of friends! If you'd l...
PlayStation 4 United States

Hi! My name is Asaki and I'am a member of the PhantomThieves, we're are a small group of friends and yes we do play ranked and sometimes competitively but we mostly have fun and just mess around! We c...

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Im a fan of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter and I love to draw and watch anime! Im also the founder and creator of the Late Night Crew.


My main hero is Solider: 76 and Bastion (Mostly best with 76) Im also the founder of my OverWatch group called the The Late Night Crew, If you'd like to join the team please contact me on PS4. We currently have 3 members! We're a small group who loves OverWatch and just wants to have fun on an amazing game!

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