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I'm interested in playing overwatch seriously because that's the way i find it fun and exciting. I play mostly Offtanks and supports but can play a little bit of everything. You can contact me on my b...

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I am a Swedish player that plays competitive games to get better and have fun. Overwatch caught my interest from the beginning with it's FPS-MOBA blend and potential team strategy. I already play competitive Smashbros and i used to play Starcraft 2 at a pretty decent level. So I'm an all around gamer with much free time.


I have owned the game since launch and played mostly Support and Tank roles with some offence flexpicks. I played with another team in the ESL Overwatch launch cup but the team became inactive after that. I have played a bit of CS:GO before but never enough to actually learn that game. My preferred heroes are Zarya and D.VA,.

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