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Current free-agent looking for a team. Plenty of competitive experience and lover of all things eSports. I main all tanks short of DVA (exceptional Winston player), and have an incredible Zenyatta, fo...

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Hi there, I'm Jake "Baggins" Freeman, free agent and tank/flex player. I'm a 23 year-old British guy with a strange, Canadian/New Zealand-ish accent. I have a degree in animation, my own YouTube channel and a passion for eSports / competitive gaming. Also my hair is fabulous.


Been playing Overwatch since the early access (pre-order) beta at the start of May. I play pretty much everyday, for at least 2-3 hours! No team prior experience within Overwatch but I have played competitively in other games, most recently HiRez studios "Paladins" - I mained a solid Barik for Team Smasur (Swedish team). We saw some success in scrims and tournaments, but the team disbanded due to roster issues. We were also former scrim partners of Dreamhack tournament winners, District 69. Before this I was also a shot-caller and support player for a Smite challenger team "BlackToxic" - we played in weekly EGL tournaments for the conquest format. I also produce video content for eSports organisation, Astral Authority. You can find mine and theirs YouTube channels here: ►Me - ►Astral - Master Overwatch details:

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259 Level
3058 Rank
53% Competitive Win
197 hours Quick Playtime
9 hours Competitive Playtime


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