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Hi, I'm BlissBatch! I'm from NYC. I love class-based, objective-focused shooters, so I've been hyped for Overwatch since it was announced at Blizzcon 2014. And it's lived up to the hype! I'm looking for fun-loving players to enjoy Competitive Mode with, and maybe the occasional Quick Play or Custom Game when we feel like messing around. I play to win, but I'm not overly serious. If you get upset over every loss, and care greatly about your matchmaking rank, then we're probably not the best match. I'm looking for mature players, who view losses as learning experiences they can use to improve.


I have been playing Overwatch steadily since Open Beta. I have played TF2 on and off since its launch in 2007, and have played countless other first-person shooters over my lifetime. I have not been on any official teams, however.

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Quick Stats

151 Level
2127 Rank
48% Competitive Win
89 hours Quick Playtime
11 hours Competitive Playtime


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