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Im looking for a serious team. I can be active all day but not more then 2 hours in a row without a break of like 20 mins (need to walk my dogs and keep my wife happy.) When it comes to videogames ...

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Hi there my Nickname is Bringerofwinter (bringerof#2757) and im from the netherlands. I am currently looking for a serious team doesnt necessarily need to have E-sports aspirations but im open to it. I play loads of heroes and feel that im good with most of them. But im best as a support player (symmetra excluded) or as a tank. Im a terrible genji widowmaker and hanzo. But i think im good with all the others. Anyway im looking for a serious and good team.


Ive owned the game since day one and played alot during the beta's as well. I have played a little TF2 but im a planetside 2 veteran.

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