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PC/ United States 63

I'm looking to get a team, maybe go competitive, i play mostly Pharah (Currently 2 in the world). Played around ~90 hours in the betas, so i'm very familiar with the game. :)

About Me

Hello, i'm Cab, or as a lot of people call me, Beans. I'm 16 years old and I've been in love with FPS games since i was a baby Kappa. I've been playing Overwatch since closed beta and it's a game i see myself being really good at. I'm also 2nd in the world with Pharah at the moment. :)


I've played all of the popular FPS games, such as : all of the counter strikes, especially a shit ton of CS:GO (got to SMFC) , all of the call of duties (on console) and even lower quality fps games like Combat Arms, and Warface. I've been playing Overwatch since closed beta and i feel that i know a lot about the game.

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Quick Stats

63 Level
2644 Rank
44% Competitive Win
21 hours Quick Playtime
3 hours Competitive Playtime


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