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Name: Isaac. Age: 18. Location: UK. Most played characters: Junkrat, Winston, Lucio Reason for liking Overwatch: It's a nice way to fill the utter emptiness of my time on Earth. What I'm looking for: A reason to live, mainly. Also, just a few friends to play casual Overwatch games with. Not interested in people who'll be directly salty at me for fucking up, though. Any other priorities: Not that I can think of. MasterOverwatch link:


I've been playing Overwatch almost daily since the open beta. A few IRL friends of mine own the game, and I occasionally play with them. Apart from that, I haven't been in any Overwatch teams. I used to run a clan on Elite: Dangerous, though. As for FPS games, I have 1,000 hours on TF2, though I haven't played it in years. Also I used to play a lot of Cowadoodie Black Ops 2 (don't look at me like that it's a pretty good game).

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