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Basic Info: 25/m/USW (SoCal) - Looking for serious growth. Analyzing and adjusting gameplans. I want to grow as a player and experience that within a team that's consistently aiming to improve. Micr...

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Basic Info: 25/m/USW (SoCal) - Looking for team that's serious upon analyzing what happens and why. Will hope to change beyond "Get off Hanzo & Stop holding W" Microphone Familiar with core components of callouts, pushing/holding/backing out. Mercy/Tracer/Junkrat/Zarya are core competencies.


Experience: Have 1146 hours of TF2, of which over 70%+ is with 6v6 competitive format as a Scout/Medic main with secondary Demoman experience. Profile with stats can be found here. Note: I played more lobbies before the stats got reset with TF2LOBBY, the predecessor to TF2Center. My ID # is in my name, feel free to add me on Steam too, CaptainYesz.

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