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East Coast USA, Software Dev by day, gamer by night. Yup I'm an older gamer but I still have it. I'm a patient player, willing to fill in as needed and team comes first. Played FPS games since - well - before FPS was a thing... Cut my teeth on DooM ][ way back and did custom mods. Burned though hundreds of hours of Quake III Arena, Portal, BF1942, FarCry an others. Focused on my career for a long while and now it's time to play again.


I've been out of the scene for a while; but I have solid skills and starting to play OW almost every day 2-4 hours. Just finished FarCry 4 so I'm looking for something new and team based. Really impressed with the mechanics and play of OW and so I'm interested in trying out some non-random team play.

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