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I'm looking for a group of players that would like to have a go at the comp scene. I've got the time and mindset to dedicate a lot of effort to the right group of people/team, and would - long term - ...

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Old man gamer from Norway. Used to play Counter-Strike competitively back in the day (I played from release of beta 6.1 until CS:Source was released before quitting), as well BF3 during studies in Australia. Other than that I've been mostly raiding in WoW. I want to get into the comp scene again, but most mates are only playing casually, and so I need to look for more serious teammates. I am working for my own startup/ecommerce company and have pretty much all the time I want to dedicate to a team, assuming I feel the other players are also investing time and effort. I would prefer playing with emotionally mature players that don't ragequit after 3 losses in a row, but appreciate it as a learning opportunity. Winning is obviously preferred, but losses usually bring with more learning experience.


Getting close to 500 matches (Jun 21st). No previous comp experience in OW, but played for the Norwegian CS team Nex vel doXa about 10 years ago, and am aware of the process / effort required to go from a bunch of ragtag gamers to an organized team that achieves real results. I played about 6 months of CSGO with old mates up until February this year, but got tired of it just being casual. Did however get to SMFC before 100 hours if that gives any indication.

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