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Main DD looking for a Team. If your Team needs a reliable DD who understands the game and has a lot of willpower and strength to reach his goals add me under my Battletag.

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Hello my Name is Louis "Chirudo" and im a 19-year old Gamer who is aiming for the high elo and competetive area. Im a DD player with Genji as my main but im always ready to play other heros if required. Im a open minded person wich is always talking out loud and im always telling if something annoys me or if anything is out of order. Also i will add my critique if i think it is needed or anything: I am from germany but im fine with talking english: (Sorry if i get some things wrong)


I have played the game since closed Beta but didnt get far there. After that i played the game till now and i wont stop in the future. I got experience in the genre of MOBA where i build up a team and went for ESL Tournaments and stuff like that. After that i lowered down and started to play FPS shooters again. I played around two years of Counter Strike: Global Offensive at that time, where i got to "Supreme Master First Class". After that i came to Overwatch and played it ever since. So now i think, that i got enough experience and skill to join a team wich is aiming for something higher.

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