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Mostly looking for a few friends to learn from and have fun with. Skill level is low, but I'm looking to get better. I will always be playing/available on Sundays and Mondays, but I have inconsiste...

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Hello, I'm Coffee! I'd be surprised if you knew me though, a no-name casual player from Kansas. I've been absolutely in love with Overwatch since I first played it, and its the first time I've ever been interested in the competitive scene for a game. I'm still learning but I'm hoping to get good enough to feel comfortable in a comp team in the future! That being said I have a part-time job so my hours change on a dime. I'm hoping to find a group of friends to play with and learn from that's okay with my wishy-washy schedule.


I've only owned this game since the official launch, and I haven't played too much yet (>100 hours). Never really played any other FPS either, so I'm definitely still getting the hang of it.

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