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Looking for some guys that like to get together and just jam away for an hour or two a night. I would love a good healer since I typically tank or dps(support tagged for Symmetra). i don't mind throw...

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I'm a 30s gamer with young kids and a full time job. I try to get in games after 10 most nights and when i can on the weekends. I'd say I'm a pretty solid teammate and feel comfortable in most roles. Competitive but not a dick about it. If I'm having fun I'm happy. If we're winning even better.


I've owned it since full release, never played beta. I have a few work buddies who we all bought the game together and we team up when we can. I usually go Junkrat, Symmetra, or Reinhart on Defense lately and switch it up a lot for attack but when we really need some dps I got with Pharah, Junkrat or Soldier.

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