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BT: CrayonMonstr#1104 Mainly play Mercy or Lucio (more Mercy).. occasionally Pharah, Junkrat or Tracer on PC only. Looking for some people to play competitive mode with that are actually willing ...

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Hey! My name is Heather. I am from Kentucky in the U.S. of A. Just looking for some people that would like to attempt to get better at/ have fun while playing Overwatch. I have discovered that Comp. Mode sucks as a solo queue support!


I finally managed to get into the last Beta Weekend and have played Overwatch every since. I normally play MMO's but thought that Overwatch looked promising! (I do love to watch people die! In video games of course.!!) I play a fairly decent Mercy as long as I have a team that watched my back! I do not like people who rage.. and swear not to my self! At least not with the mic open!

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