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Hey there! I'm a 20 year old trying to get my RN degree in west-coast Canada (PDT)! I've been playing FPS' since I could hold a controller, really. I grew up on Halo: CE and followed the franchise until Halo 5, along with Call of Duty and battlefield (and a few 007s) until I found PC gaming about 8 or 9 years ago. I started going competitive on that platform for Call of Duty 4, running scrims with a small team of mine and ran a server before progressing through the reiterations of the game. Later, I got into league of legends, which I played for fun, and Guild Wars 2 which I ran a competitive sPvP team in for a few months until my guild became inactive. My best hero's are, in no order: McCree, Zarya, Reaper, Tracer, Soldier, Mercy, Roadhog, Hanzo, Mei, and I'm working on getting better with the rest!


I've played FPS games cross platforms for approximately 14 or 15 years out of the 20 I've been alive and throughout that time have formed great friendships.

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