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Hello there! I'm currently looking for a team to get into the competitive Overwatch scene. As my profile says, I have numerous years of practice leading a TF2 team, and am no stranger to FPS's. In Ove...

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Hello, my name is Dakota. I'm a college student living on the east coast, and I'm looking to seriously get into the competitive scene of Overwatch. I mostly play Offense, which is the role I would prefer in a team. I'm currently working on getting my Soldier and Tracer gameplay to be on par with my Mccree. My schedule allows me to play almost anytime on anyday. I'm looking for a team that works well together and practices together quite a bit. I feel like the most important two things to look for are how the team meshes together, and the amount of time they have to practice.


While I only got to play during one closed-beta weekend, I played the entirety of the open beta weekend and since launch. I come from Competitive TF2, where I lead two teams (Highlander and 6's) for 4 years, a total of 8 seasons. I also played some CS:GO, and while I did not have a team, I did get to LEM.

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