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I'm looking for other players or a team to prepare for, and then compete in, ranked play when it launches. I'm looking for a team that plays to win, but wants to learn from analyzing defeats, rather t...

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I'm a high school math teacher, but have always loved competitive gaming. In high school, I played Halo 2 and 3 to high rankings and competed in amateur tournaments. After burning out on FPS games, I played Starcraft 2 to high diamond league, and more recently switched to Hearthstone, in which I reached Legend rank in constructed, and have many 12-win arena runs. I tried out Overwatch during the open beta and it finally felt like the first fresh FPS game in almost a decade. I'll be on Overwatch a lot this summer (perk of being a teacher).


I tried out Overwatch during the open beta and was completely hooked. I've been playing it many hours per day since launch. I've been trying to learn every character, but have focused most heavily on mastering tanks and supports with Zarya, Mercy, and Lucio as my mains.

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