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I'm looking for any other players that want to have fun playing Overwatch together. Although if you want to play ranked then that is fine with me.

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I'm just some random person that loves playing video games. Note that I am shy so I probably will not use a mic. If you are wondering how a 15 year old can play whenever she wants the answer is I'm home schooled >insert happy face here<


Some other games that I have played are Team Fortress 2 (800+ hours, I have no life I know), CS:GO (Off and on.), Rainbow Six Siege (Not that much though.), And a lot of other games. I am best at playing Junkrat, Mei, and I like to think I'm half decent at Roadhog, but I will play almost anything. Although I kinda suck at aiming, so ye I have been playing Overwatch sense release, so there's that.

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