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EE 23 years old

PlayStation 4
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About Me

I'm Asuka, from the U.S. I play a lot of Support, but I do my best to fill any role that's needed. I'm not looking to be a pro, but I'm a decent player and I'm always learning. At the moment I'm really looking for people to add me so I'll have people to group up with more often! I queue up with one 6-man group on some days, but otherwise I'm usually in a group with one other and it's just not enough! If you're on PS4 like me, just shoot me a friend request so we'll both have someone else to queue with.


I had a blast in the public beta so I pre-ordered the game and have been playing whenever I can between work and whatnot. My level's mid 70s at the moment.

PSN username PlayStation Network

Quick Stats

PlayStation 4
232 Level
2851 Rank
60% Competitive Win
176 hours Quick Playtime
4 hours Competitive Playtime


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