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HI, my name is EltsuEltsu or Eltsu² :) In our team there is players that I have chosen in my random Ranked Overwatch games, so not exactly my friends, but online friends :) I am trying to make ...

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Hello, my name is EltsuEltsu or Eltsu². I love Overwatch and I play it all the time so I am available almost always, but If I am not, I am reading my philosophy book :), which is another thing that I am interested. I try to be nice to all people and I never say stuff like: noobs! you cant play or something like that... because its childish in my opinion.


I bought the game week after it came out. My level is 36 and rank rating 37 :D so not very high, but yeah... I have played CS, Titanfall and little bit of TF2 those are FPS, but I have played lot more games that are not FPS. My time played OW is 23h+...

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