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Creating a 6-12 person roster. The goal is to work with mature, experienced FPS players and succeed well in Competitive mode. Tournaments if the team gels well. Must be serious, but not salty, no p...

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Hello World, I am Nate. Live in Austin, TX. Older, competitive gamer looking to build a strong team for OW competitive and possibly tournaments. I record most game sessions, as well as stream via Twitch. Let's play! Check out my Plays.TV channel for some OW highlights: http://plays.tv/u/EvenKeelOW


Played OW since Beta. I have worked in the gaming industry on the following FPS titles: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Halo 4 (multiplayer team). I have competed competitively in LAN and online tournaments playing: Halo 2, BF:3, and Guild Wars 2. I'm a serious but not salty player, who likes to focus on team synergy, tactics, and most importantly: fun.

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