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Hey guys, Me and my friend are looking to find 4 more players to queue up with in the evenings around 8-11(EST). We're looking for mature, relaxed players who want to improve but won't become upset if we don't immediately start climbing ranks. We play to win but when we lose instead of being angry at teammates we want to examine the game and discuss why we lost. If you fit this description we'd love to have you, just add me on battle.net. We're not on a strict practice schedule where you must be on from 8 to 11 but we prefer players who can *usually* be on at that time since it's often hard to have all six players on at the same time without a time recommendation.


We have both played the game since beta and I have FPS gaming history. We're looking for players with a rank between 2400-3200. I peaked at 2600 this season and my friend hovers around 3000.

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194 Level
2219 Rank
41% Competitive Win
138 hours Quick Playtime
45 hours Competitive Playtime


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