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Looking for a competitive team, I still have enough to learn but can carry my own a good portion of the time. While I am down for QP and Comp, I also want to have fun. If I wanted to be insulted or ...

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My name is Todd, AKA Frogbrew. Frogbrew was a name I put together for a design company that had an Ok run for 2 years. However I decided to keep my brand alive even after the failure of the design company. Frog= slang for a French person (in Canada) Brew is another name for Beer, Seeing as I am French Canadian and I like beer. It fit well. I PLAY ON PC ONLY I like hard rock/heavy Metal, I Love Ozzy, love tattoos, like having a good laugh over comes I like to win and I love to see myself get better as a player. I hate the PC (the politically correct), grammar police, and anyone who tries to look down their noses at me or anyone other person for that matter. I am always open for suggestions on how to improve. Like I said I like to win and love to get better but what I absolutely won't tolerate is someone trying to step on my or others gameplay in a desperate attempt to place blame for their shortcomings. Bottomline: Nice guy looking to have fun playing Overwatch.


I have owned the game since release, I have played a little bit of FPS's , but almost not even mentioning. I need to add new muscle memory. I am a huge Blizz fan however I like Overwatch as is. Being a Blizz fan means I am used to patching, buffing and debuffing characters often, and I have learned to adapt quickly. I have never been on a team I am a very graceful winner and loser, even if heckled, but a little trash talk never hurt anyone as long as it's in good fun.

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