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Fyevivi 34 years old

PlayStation 4

About Me

Father of five and full time worker. Play games to enjoy myself, not trash talk, listen to people squeaking in my ear, or deal with drama. Not a twitch reaction gamer, tend to play support because of this.


Played closed beta on PC and open Beta on PS4. Launch day Collectors edition owner. Play near daily, and as I can during work day (working from home has perks.) Have FPS experience dating back to Doom in 94. Quake series, Half Life, Counter Strike dating back to pre-Steam. Most recent FPS games: Destiny on Ps4 and Xbox One, Black Ops III on PS4, Team Fortress 2 Playing Overwatch on PS4 until my PC can be upgraded to play at an acceptable frame rate. Play Zenyatta, Mercy, Lucio, Junkrat, and other characters as I can. Willing to learn new characters with team players.

PSN username PlayStation Network

Quick Stats

PlayStation 4
51 Level
52% Quick Win
38 hours Quick Playtime


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