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Looking for gaming buddies to causally play with and also form a team to tackle the Ranked mode when it comes out. I will be on the Asia server for the ping from Hong Kong, but I welcome anyone that ...

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Long time gamer, fairly good at FPS games. On week 2 of Overwatch as I am typing this and I already have 100 Hrs of game play and at Level 120+, always looking for more English speaking gaming buddies on the Asia server to tackle the ranked play when it comes out.


I used to play ranked Quake 2 play and was ranked globally in the teens when I was young, so I am no noob to FPS games. Age has slowed my reflexes some, but not all of them. I play a mean Reinhardt, Zarya and Soldier, but I can pretty much play any characters competently. I have put in over 5 hours evenly across all the heroes aside from the aforementioned ones which I have >10 hours.

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