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Looking both for people to play casually but a little more organized. Prepare for competitive release and generally getting better at the game. I generally play on the US server, but have no issues...

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Name's Anthony, 30 years old. Looking for both casual and competitive players/groups to team up with. Also looking to play competitive upon release. I play on the US servers mostly, yet I reside in Europe. Playing times range from 12pm-2am (GMT+1) on weekends and 7pm-11pm (GMT+1) on most weekdays.


I've played Overwatch for about 30 hours, but I am certainly not new to FPS games. I have played COD2, CoD4:MW, Medal of Honor: AA, BF2, CS1.6, CS:CZ, CS:S, CS:GO as a member of a team at a range of skill levels. I prefer playing a Support/Flex role.

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