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Generally more for the competitive side of the game, so a consistent team would be ideal. Send me an invite over would be ideal. Generally a night time player, but with a rather inconsi...

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Grayson Murphy (Sometimes go by Fish, hence the picture) Kentucky, USA Always loved team based shooters (TF2 and, to a smaller extent, Day of Defeat.) Also really finding myself enjoying the more technical side of games (Smash:Melee and League in particular.) Looking for a dedicated team and higher level team gameplay. Currently a junior in college, so finding time during the year could become tentative at times, but more than willing to accommodate.


Owned the game since open beta. Generally play with my fraternity brothers, specifically the more hardcore of the group, but I haven't played on a "team" so to speak. Big TF2 and CS:S player (the later was quite some time ago.) As for non-fps competitive games, really enjoying SSB:M/PM, and was of fair rank in LoL (G1 in S3.)

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