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I am part of a Twitch sponsored -TEAMSPEAK based division team, (but also branch off to other teams of all ranks so don't worry about if your rank is too high and especially too low, we are here to ...

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Whats going on all, and I am a Mercy main, I love the game because I love healing things, boom I play on both EU and NA good,


I have been playing OW since season 8. I am the Voce commander of a twitch sponsored TEAMSPEAK based division and was previously the leader of the team. I ensure there are always events being posted to ensure there is always something to do, hosted events include QP, Comp, scrims, Open division, PUGS, or even just some casual get together. Our practices last 2 hrs long and include gameplay reviews, to ensure that not only your individual performance improves , but significantly improve your synergy with the team, not just important to improve the team, but to make sure there are relationships being created to make a more stronger bond between the team for easy communication, there is no application to join, you just sign up and your ready to go, Biggest requirement is TeamSpeak

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