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Hello, you can call me Holyman or Holy for short. I live in the state of Louisiana and I'm 21 y/o. I've always had a talent for FPS games since I was young. Level 142, Gold Rank, Current SR is between 2000-2400 depending on when this is read although I'm climbing rather quickly. Looking for a dedicated team to join , and I'm open to Lower/Higher SR rated teams as well depending on the circumstance. Can't wait to not only help bring Victory, but to meet fellow gamers along the way.


I've been playing OW since September 2016. I have not been on an OW Team before. I have experience on many FPS Games such as: COD4, COD:MW2, COD:WAW, COD:MW3, CS:GO, Battlefield, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Reach. I've played competitively on XBOX 360 with the following titles: COD4, COD:MW3, and CODMW2 (GameBattles/FraggedNation) and Halo 2, Halo 3(Major League Gaming Pro Circuit/GameBattles).

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Quick Stats

165 Level
1633 Rank
38% Competitive Win
86 hours Quick Playtime
8 hours Competitive Playtime


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